Meet the real life mermaid who swims with jellyfish and can hold her breath under water for up to five minutes

Linden Wolbert travels the world as a full time professional mermaid and uses her custom-made 6ft tail to propel her through the water.

The 32-year-old freediver and model can swim to depths of 115ft and uses her skills to promote ocean conservation and education.


how do u go about being a “professional” mermaid

who pays you?

who cares

There’s a bar in Great Falls, Montana that has a water tank behind the bar where women in mermaid tails and shell bikinis swim around and I assume they pay them. So…if you want that job…it does exist.

This is all I want to be in life

I know most people just focus on their weight but I want to watch measurements as well. I think you see more progress with those than with the actual weight. So as of today, my start day (April 4th)

Hips: 45 in

Thighs: 28 in

Calves: 17 in

Waist: 40 in

Bust:46 in

Arms: 15 in